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The medical impact of administering Plan B and other abortion causeing birth control pills to teenagers without parental consent cannot be ignored.


Top Ten Reasons Plan B and birth control is not Good for Teens

1-    The same drug used in Plan B and Depo Provera causes an increased risk of breast cancer by 190% in women who take 12 shots prior to age 25.

2-    Taking the birth control pill before your first pregnancy results in a 44% increased risk of breast cancer (the most invasive and difficult to treat) prior to age 50.

3-    5% of women have a genetic susceptibility to breast cancer and another 5% have a genetic susceptibility to blood clots.

4-    Plan B increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and the side effects of Plan B mimic the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

5-    Serious interactions with other prescribed medications can occur.

6-    The high dosage of hormones increase the acquisition of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and may “kick-start” cervical cancer if a woman is already infected with the most common STD – human papilloma virus (HPV).

7-    The dosage of estrogen in the current birth control pill is four times greater than in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which has been shown to increase the risk of stroke (41%), pulmonary embolism (113%), breast cancer (26%), and heart disease (29%).

8-    Plan B contains the same active ingredient as Norplant which was removed from the market with over $50 million awarded for injuries.

9-    60% of girl under the age of 15 are impregnated by adults and therefore victims of statutory rape which would be covered up and allowed the continuance of criminal behavior with the availability of Plan B.

10-                       Evidence shows that availability of Plan B and birth control does not lower unintended pregnancy or abortion rates but the opposite occurs with more teens engaging in high-risk behaviors.


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To take action sign the petition at www.nycparentschoice.org

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