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Be A Hero For Your Children

“There is no safety in denial”

This is a line from a blog I just read reflecting on the freedom we have in this country that directly results from the refusal to deny the reality of evil.

More and more brave parents are needed to choose not to live in denial, to protect and defend those who do not  even acknowledge that they need protecting.

As the blog states: Denial kills you twice: once at the moment you realize you are not prepared at the moment you are confronted with evil and twice when you have to live with the psychological trauma that is the consequence losing the battle with evil.

To read the entirepowerful  reflection On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs written by a Vietnam veteran go to: http://www.mwkworks.com/onsheepwolvesandsheepdogs.html

Proud Parents of Staten Island is for brave parents who refuse to deny the evil consequences of organizations in our neighborhood such as Planned Parenthood that promote promiscuity and contraception to our children, pornographic sex education in our schools, and abortion as a “safe” option for teens without their parent’s approval.

Parents do not want to admit that evil can affect their children. It is too hard to face the reality that someone would deliberately want to hurt their children.

To see Planned Parenthood’s agenda for our youth visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYaTywSDmls

Why are we willing to fight to the death for the physical bodies of our children but when it comes to the purity that we have cherished since we first looked into their trusting eyes, we are silent and afraid?  The purity of children is constantly abused and manipulated by organizations and individuals in the government, the media, the “health- care” industry, and anyone else who cannot benefit financially or otherwise from the pure lifestyle of youth.  Your child’s purity takes away their power.

All parents are called to be heroes for their children.  A hero is not a friend.  A hero is someone who is not liked very much until the child realizes that his or her life was saved.  Until that time, a hero is just a constant reminder to the ones in denial that evil is nearby.

A hero only has one very real advantage and it is hindsight.  But this advantage allows your son or daughter to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys a large percentage of the population.

Do not let your children suffer the consequences of your generation’s lack of hindsight and heroes.  Give them the power to confront evil and start a new generation willing to defend and protect those that will come after them.  Don’t be afraid to let them learn from your mistakes.   Teach them that the cycle of evil can be broken.  Celebrate the value of our freedom fought for at a very high price.

Do not let wishful thinking be your only defense! Educate yourself with the facts and websites on this blog.   Your children cannot survive the attacks of our culture alone.

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men. – Edmund Burke

“In the pleasure-loving and success-hungry environment in which most of us live, the need is not for one or two heroic martyrs shedding their blood for Christ.  The need is for a million or so pint-size martyrs who are willing to shed a few drops of nervous sweat for Christ in the offices and factories and neighborhoods, in the clubs and the PTA’s, little martyrs who will be rallying points for the inherent decency which most people possess, but which so many people are afraid to show.”

-Leo Trese “More Than Many Sparrows”


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