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Sex Crisis in Schools

With nearly half of all students from 7th to 12th grade reporting sexual harassment in schools (1), a quarter of all teens reporting that they do not feel in control of their sexual experiences (2), and nearly half of all teenagers who have had intimate experiences reporting that they felt pressure to do things they did not want to do (3), we need to ask ourselves if the crying need for sex education for our children has more to do with protecting them or just giving them the facts to do with as they wish.

Those of us who belong to the NYC Parent’s Choice Coalition believe that there is a crying need to protect our children with the sex education information we give them.  Protection,  not just against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy,  but against abusive relationships,  sexual harassment, and peer pressure.

The comprehensive sex education programs being offered will  not address this crying need to protect our children.  We are  asking that the city provide an abstinence based curriculum that can cover all of these areas and let the parents choose which program will best benefit their children.

For a clear picture of the devastation that our culture has perpetuated among our teens, you can read the testimony of one NYC teenager and her uncompromising cry for help here: 

We need to spread the good news.  Children still value their parent’s involvement most over all other educators in the area of sexuality(4).  Too bad the parent of the teenager above did not know that. The tragedy – as with the city’s program – only a condom is offered.

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For more information:

To read the complete New York City Sexuality Education Report by Miriam Grossman, M.D., go to the World Youth Alliance Foundation website:  www.wya.net/news/newsitem.html?newsid=466

To join NYC Parents Choice Coalition and for opt out information go to www.nycparentschoice.org


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