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I recently watched a series of programs on EWTN’s Women of Grace series in which the following facts about pornography were addressed:

  • 11 years old is the average age of first exposure to pornography 
  • 12 t0 17 year olds account for the highest addiction rates
  • It takes 1/3rd of a second for an image to implant in the brain
  • The frontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for reason and judgment is severely damaged by pornography use
  • 47% of Christian families say pornography is a major problem in the home.

The dopamine and other chemicals released from pornography use  are highly associated with addictions.

  • Pornography can be just as addictive as cocaine because of the chemical reactions each image produces in the brain.
  • Images can be imbedded in the brain for life. The dopamine, which creates feelings of pleasure, tells the brain that this is something important—pay attention and remember it.

This is important information for all parents and children to know.  Especially since the frontal lobe in a normal human brain is not fully developed until his or her mid-twenties.

There is good news!  The secular institute that studied the brain scans of those involved in pornography also tested methods of various religions to heal the part of the brain damaged by pornography use.  They found that one rosary was enough to start the healing process of the frontal lobe!

Pornography is a Real Threat!

  •    It is training in anti-love, teaching people to think of others as objects to be used rather than persons to be loved.
  • Sexual arousal begins to trigger a desire for gratification rather than a gift of self.
  • Pornography plays a role in 65%of all divorces
  • Where pornography is used, 68% report no sexual activity in their marriage
  • Speak Up!  Pornography is illegal in public especially at eye-level of children.  Be aware of indecency and sexual harassment laws.

How Pornography Affects Teenage Girls

This could be your daughter: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj0JQxTEQ5M&feature=related

For more information on this series go to www.lhla.org


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