The medical impact of administering Plan B and other abortion causeing birth control pills to teenagers without parental consent cannot be ignored.


Top Ten Reasons Plan B and birth control is not Good for Teens

1-    The same drug used in Plan B and Depo Provera causes an increased risk of breast cancer by 190% in women who take 12 shots prior to age 25.

2-    Taking the birth control pill before your first pregnancy results in a 44% increased risk of breast cancer (the most invasive and difficult to treat) prior to age 50.

3-    5% of women have a genetic susceptibility to breast cancer and another 5% have a genetic susceptibility to blood clots.

4-    Plan B increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy and the side effects of Plan B mimic the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

5-    Serious interactions with other prescribed medications can occur.

6-    The high dosage of hormones increase the acquisition of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and may “kick-start” cervical cancer if a woman is already infected with the most common STD – human papilloma virus (HPV).

7-    The dosage of estrogen in the current birth control pill is four times greater than in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) which has been shown to increase the risk of stroke (41%), pulmonary embolism (113%), breast cancer (26%), and heart disease (29%).

8-    Plan B contains the same active ingredient as Norplant which was removed from the market with over $50 million awarded for injuries.

9-    60% of girl under the age of 15 are impregnated by adults and therefore victims of statutory rape which would be covered up and allowed the continuance of criminal behavior with the availability of Plan B.

10-                       Evidence shows that availability of Plan B and birth control does not lower unintended pregnancy or abortion rates but the opposite occurs with more teens engaging in high-risk behaviors.


#1 and #2 – www.polycarp.org

#3 – http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(00)04345-2/fulltext

#4 – #10 – http://www.morningafterpill.org/is-emergency-contraception-saf.html

To take action sign the petition at www.nycparentschoice.org

Staten Island Port Richmond High School Giving Morning-After Pill



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Be A Hero For Your Children

“There is no safety in denial”

This is a line from a blog I just read reflecting on the freedom we have in this country that directly results from the refusal to deny the reality of evil.

More and more brave parents are needed to choose not to live in denial, to protect and defend those who do not  even acknowledge that they need protecting.

As the blog states: Denial kills you twice: once at the moment you realize you are not prepared at the moment you are confronted with evil and twice when you have to live with the psychological trauma that is the consequence losing the battle with evil.

To read the entirepowerful  reflection On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs written by a Vietnam veteran go to: http://www.mwkworks.com/onsheepwolvesandsheepdogs.html

Proud Parents of Staten Island is for brave parents who refuse to deny the evil consequences of organizations in our neighborhood such as Planned Parenthood that promote promiscuity and contraception to our children, pornographic sex education in our schools, and abortion as a “safe” option for teens without their parent’s approval.

Parents do not want to admit that evil can affect their children. It is too hard to face the reality that someone would deliberately want to hurt their children.

To see Planned Parenthood’s agenda for our youth visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYaTywSDmls

Why are we willing to fight to the death for the physical bodies of our children but when it comes to the purity that we have cherished since we first looked into their trusting eyes, we are silent and afraid?  The purity of children is constantly abused and manipulated by organizations and individuals in the government, the media, the “health- care” industry, and anyone else who cannot benefit financially or otherwise from the pure lifestyle of youth.  Your child’s purity takes away their power.

All parents are called to be heroes for their children.  A hero is not a friend.  A hero is someone who is not liked very much until the child realizes that his or her life was saved.  Until that time, a hero is just a constant reminder to the ones in denial that evil is nearby.

A hero only has one very real advantage and it is hindsight.  But this advantage allows your son or daughter to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys a large percentage of the population.

Do not let your children suffer the consequences of your generation’s lack of hindsight and heroes.  Give them the power to confront evil and start a new generation willing to defend and protect those that will come after them.  Don’t be afraid to let them learn from your mistakes.   Teach them that the cycle of evil can be broken.  Celebrate the value of our freedom fought for at a very high price.

Do not let wishful thinking be your only defense! Educate yourself with the facts and websites on this blog.   Your children cannot survive the attacks of our culture alone.

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men. – Edmund Burke

“In the pleasure-loving and success-hungry environment in which most of us live, the need is not for one or two heroic martyrs shedding their blood for Christ.  The need is for a million or so pint-size martyrs who are willing to shed a few drops of nervous sweat for Christ in the offices and factories and neighborhoods, in the clubs and the PTA’s, little martyrs who will be rallying points for the inherent decency which most people possess, but which so many people are afraid to show.”

-Leo Trese “More Than Many Sparrows”

Parents and other responsible adults need to arm themselves and their children with the real facts of life, the truths of science that are omitted from sex education. In You’re Teaching My Child What? Dr. Miriam Grossman does just that, in an essential book to inform yourself and protect your children.

You’re Teaching My Child What?
By Miriam Grossman, M.D.
Published by Regnery Publishing

If you think sex education is still about the birds and the bees, you’re wrong.

And it’s not about science either.

Parents, grandparents, health providers and policy makers need to know what’s really going on. Instead of teaching our children biological truths, sex educators are lying to them, ignoring science in favor of radical and dangerous social agendas.

In her newest book, Dr. Miriam Grossman rips back the curtain on sex education today, exposing a sordid scam.

You’re Teaching My Child What?

Federally funded, eminent organizations like Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, and Advocates For Youth believe they know better than you what’s best for your child. But take a look at the “educational” sites they direct kids to visit—GoAskAlice.com, Scarleteen.com, gURL.com, and Positive.org to name a few. Is it any wonder, with the guidance these “experts” provide, that another young person in this country gets a genital infection every 3.5 seconds?

In You’re Teaching My Child What? you’ll learn:

  • Why the discredited and disturbed founder of “sexology”—dead for half a century—has more influence on sex education than today’s most eminent neurobiologists.
  • How common infections like herpes, warts, and Chlamydia are whitewashed.
  • Why condoms don’t protect your teens from some of the most serious sexually transmitted infections.

By Miriam Grossman, M.D.
Published by Regnery Publishing

Our campuses are steeped in political correctness—that’s hardly news to anyone. But no one realizes that radical social agendas have also taken over campus health and counseling centers, with dire consequences.

Psychiatrist Miriam Grossman knows this better than anyone. She has treated more than 2,000 students at one of America’s most prestigious universities, and she’s seen how the anything-goes, women-are-just-like-men, “safer-sex” agenda is actually making our sons and daughters sick.

“Vivid and urgent.”
–Danielle Crittendon, The Wall Street Journal

“This is a punch-in-the-gut powerhouse of a book by a very brave clinician. The message is provocative and profound. . . . I wish others had the guts to speak out in a similar fashion.”
–Cal Colarusso, M.D., Training and Supervising Analyst, San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute

“…a thunderous call for a truly honest discussion in society but, more important, between college-bound students and their parents. It is one of the few books I have read that can be a light on the path to health for our society that is, in certain areas, the university in particular, very sick. It is an absolute must-read.”
—Joe S. McIlhaney, M.D., former member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS

“Here are important facts you must know about well-intentioned counselors who are more committed to political correctness than to students’ physical and psychological safety—written clearly and passionately by a dedicated psychiatrist.”
—Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., Former President, American Psychological Association

Used with permission from Dr. Miriam Grossman’s website

Sex Crisis in Schools

With nearly half of all students from 7th to 12th grade reporting sexual harassment in schools (1), a quarter of all teens reporting that they do not feel in control of their sexual experiences (2), and nearly half of all teenagers who have had intimate experiences reporting that they felt pressure to do things they did not want to do (3), we need to ask ourselves if the crying need for sex education for our children has more to do with protecting them or just giving them the facts to do with as they wish.

Those of us who belong to the NYC Parent’s Choice Coalition believe that there is a crying need to protect our children with the sex education information we give them.  Protection,  not just against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy,  but against abusive relationships,  sexual harassment, and peer pressure.

The comprehensive sex education programs being offered will  not address this crying need to protect our children.  We are  asking that the city provide an abstinence based curriculum that can cover all of these areas and let the parents choose which program will best benefit their children.

For a clear picture of the devastation that our culture has perpetuated among our teens, you can read the testimony of one NYC teenager and her uncompromising cry for help here: 

We need to spread the good news.  Children still value their parent’s involvement most over all other educators in the area of sexuality(4).  Too bad the parent of the teenager above did not know that. The tragedy – as with the city’s program – only a condom is offered.

Join Proud Parents of Staten Island by emailing us your name at the Contact Us tab above!


(1)  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/07/education/widespread-sexual-harassment-in-grades-7-to-12-found-in-study.html

(2)  http://www.kff.org/youthhivstds/1373-datingrep2.cfm

(3)  http://www.kff.org/youthhivstds/1373-datingrep3.cfm

(4)  http://www.kff.org/youthhivstds/1460-kids.cfm

For more information:

To read the complete New York City Sexuality Education Report by Miriam Grossman, M.D., go to the World Youth Alliance Foundation website:  www.wya.net/news/newsitem.html?newsid=466

To join NYC Parents Choice Coalition and for opt out information go to www.nycparentschoice.org

The mandated sex education program for NYC public school students emphasizes the “normalcy” of teen sexual activity in order to capitalize on the vulnerable middle and high school years when teenagers will do almost anything to achieve “normalcy” among their peers. These “comprehensive” sex education programs by means of mere suggestion and blatant validation of sexual “choices,” psychologically impact youth into succumbing to peer pressure in regard to their sexuality rather than giving the tools to resist peer pressure. 

The definitions of sexuality, sexual activity and “risk behavior” used in these programs are incomplete, inaccurate and very misleading according to Dr. Grossman.  Being taught that sexuality (defined in some dictionaries as involving sexual activity) is a “natural part of adolescence” in one program and that “increased sexual activity and experimentation” is normal to development in middle adolescence gives a very mixed message and contradicts any mention of abstinence in these programs.

The distinction between sexual behavior (which is seen as normal and healthy) and sexual appetite (which is healthy only if restrained) is not even addressed.  Only an abstinence program will teach the later and promote healthy sexual development.   Even the American Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that providing too much information can be harmful to development in the area of talking to your teens about sex. (p.5 of report)

Current scientific evidence that would deter teenagers from sexual activity is barely mentioned or neglected altogether.  Students are encouraged to shop for and choose birth control methods that would be good for them without consulting a doctor first and are not told any of the harmful side effects of these drugs and devices let alone typical use failure rates among teenagers.  One of the publishers of this curricula is Planned Parenthood whose own statistics (from the Alan Guttmacher Institute) reveal that 54% of women getting abortions were using contraception or birth control at the time they got pregnant and the other half had used contraception at some point before their pregnancy.

Students are led to believe that condoms provide complete protection from pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s).  The “typical” use failure rates (as opposed to the “correct” use failure rates) of condoms are one percentage lower than the withdrawal method (see the Centers for Disease Control website). Yet students are being taught the very detailed and extensive twelve steps to using a condom correctly when groups of medical professionals could not even get the steps in order (p.17 of the report).

Ignoring the medical evidence of epidemic rates of STD’s and that the most common STD which has increased the rates of various cancers, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), can be contracted while using a condom, students are still being told that the use of a condom is the most responsible choice, appearing  just as responsible as abstinence.   These programs claim to be medically accurate despite contradicting the Centers for Disease Control which states: “The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), are to abstain from sexual activity or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.”

The later relationship of having a mutually monogamous partner is only one of “eight combinations or kinds of love” that are taught to students. (p.27) 

The hypothetical student scenarios are focused on students who choose sexual activity over abstinence.  Even the one scenario of an 8th grade girl being pressured by an older boyfriend to have sex is given the advice that “she should wait until she feels ready.”  It’s all about “feeling” ready.  In the words of Dr. Grossman:

 “The nature of adolescence is to feel ‘ready’ for just about anything.”

To read the complete New York City Sexuality Education Report by Miriam Grossman, M.D., go to the World Youth Alliance Foundation website:  www.wya.net/news/newsitem.html?newsid=466

For opt out information go to www.nycparentschoice.org

Used with permission by Gerard M. Nadal


Remember Joe Camel? Remember the furor over Camel brand cigarettes and their cartoon icon being used to market something dangerous and deadly to children? We were concerned that something children were doing in the present moment might well come back to bite them three or four decades later in the form of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Rightfully so.

How would the debate have played out if children suffered these diseases within days or weeks of their first cigarette? How might we have responded under those circumstances? More vociferously, for certain. And if these diseases struck our children in their prime, maiming them for life, or even killing them, what sort of legislation would we demand regarding those who sell to minors?

Now let’s consider Planned Parenthood and how they have managed to strong arm our legislatures into doing their bidding, in being able to dispense contraceptives to children twelve and older without parental knowledge or consent, how they have fought against parental notification and consent laws regarding surgical and medical abortions on children, and how they circumvent these laws where they do exist with judicial bypasses.

Let’s consider how Planned Parenthood has their own cartoon character, Superhero for Choice, who kills Christian protesters in a promotional video targeting children. See the sick video here.

Planned Parenthood Superhero for Choice


We need to consider some Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data that shows the plight of our children, the staggering rates of their affliction with STD’s, how CDC says condoms don’t work very well at all in preventing disease transmission, and then we need to discuss the timing for some class action suits.


Here are the CDC data that show what a horrifically effective job Planned Parenthood and their fellow travelers have done in destroying the lives of our young people, corrupting them in their innocence and fertility.

The data are from the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance, 2008. These data are presented as a follow-up to an earlier post on Planned Parenthood In New Initiative Targets 10 Year-Old Children With Condoms That Don’t Work. This is the new initiative by PP to finish off our children, pushing all-out for comprehensive sex education down to age ten.

A glance at the data tells the story. Children 10-14 have the lowest rates of STD’s as well as pregnancies. Recall how former PP center Director Abby Johnson t reported how PP is pushing hard for abortions, as they are the principle source of income.

Now link to the post linked above, and look at the data on STD’s and condom efficacy. Condoms don’t work. Even CDC and Planned Parenthood’s own contraceptive bible state as much.

Now consider how much higher condom failure rates and early teen pregnancies would rise after PP gets done completing the corruption of our youth.

As we say in the lab, the data don’t lie. The age groups are in the center of the graphs with the incidence per 100,000 for men and women going to the left and right respectively. The disease being reported is at the bottom of each graph.


Chlamydia — Age- and sex-specific rates: United States, 2008


Gonorrhea — Age- and sex-specific rates: United States, 2008


Primary and secondary syphilis — Age- and sex-specific rates: United States, 2008


Human papillomavirus (HPV) — Prevalence of high-risk and low-risk types among females 14 to 59 years of age from a national survey, 2003–2004


Genital herpes — Herpes simplex virus, type 2, seroprevalence in non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks by age group from national surveys, 1976–1980, 1988–1994, 1999–2004


Ectopic pregnancy — Hospitalizations of women 15 to 44 years of age: United States, 1997–2006

Finally, the abortion data. These data are from Abortion Surveillance — United States, 2006, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, November 27, 2009 / 58(SS08);1-35 

White Bars=Number of abortions per 1,000 live births.
Blue Bars=Number of abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years.
Black Bars=percentage of total abortions, by age group of women who obtained an abortion — selected states, United States, 2006§

§Data from 48 reporting areas; excludes California, Florida, Louisiana, and New Hampshire.

The age groups may not be so visible along the bottom of the graph. They are, from left to right:

Under 15
Over 40

These numbers fail to describe the numbers of cases of cervical cancer that will result from HPV, the numbers of ectopic pregnancies from PID, the numbers of future miscarriages from damaged cervixes in abortion, the horror of children contracting lifetime herpes infections.

Why do we not demand warning labels on condoms? Why do we not demand more stringent laws to protect our children when it comes to sex, especially when the consequences are so much more dire, so much more immediate, so much more life-altering at such earlier ages, than cigarette smoking?

The time has come for the adults to get serious about the savagery of our children by Planned Parenthood. It’s time to defund and dismantle this criminal enterprise once and for all.

We did it to Joe Camel.

We can do it again.

July 11, 2011 by Gerard M. Nadal (usecd with permission)

Planned Parenthood Condoms Packaged as Lolipops for Teen Campaign, with Their Teen-Line number Printed on Back

Planned Parenthood Condoms Packaged as Lolipops for Teen Campaign, with Their Teen-Line number Printed on Back

In anticipation of the UN Conference on Children later this month, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has released a new document, Exclaim!

In this document, Planned Parenthood leads an all-out assault against parental rights over their children by calling for laws to empower children and leave parents out in the cold.

Some key excerpts from the document:

Inalienable: Everyone is entitled to human rights simply for being human. Human rights cannot be taken away or given up from anyone, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability, HIV status or health status. reproduction, reproductive health and

This from the people aborting over 330,000 humans per year in the US, including those with disabilities. This from the people doing gender-specific abortions. Do they hear themselves speak?

Another reason why young people’s sexual rights are particularly complex is because of the need to both protect and empower young people. There is a common assumption that young people are incapable of making decisions for themselves, so parents or other adults should have full authority over decisions related to their
sexuality. Resistance to recognize young people’s sexuality and their decision- making abilities makes the realization of young people’s sexual rights all the more challenging.

The concept of the evolving capacity of young people stems from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It draws attention to the rights of children and adolescents, as well as calls on leaders and societies to value young people’s opinions and decisions in light of their evolving capacities.

As a father of three young children, I have not noted in them any evolved capacity for making sound and reliable judgements regarding sex. I’m still trying to get them to make good hygiene a habit. They need strong parental authority to guide them in their development.

All people under 18 years should enjoy the full range of human rights, including sexual rights. The importance and relevance of some rights change as a person transitions from infancy to childhood to adolescence. Therefore, the rights of children and youth must be approached in a progressive and dynamic way.

The rights and protection of young people under the age of 18 differ from those of adults. Particular attention must be given to these differences in relation to sexual rights. The evolving capacity of young people to make decisions about their health and well- being must be recognized, while also ensuring appropriate protection of their best interests.

Were all of that not enough, here’s the killer, one of PP’s stated goals:


Lest anyone doubt how young Planned Parenthood’s target audience is, try TEN YEARS OLD!!

From another one of several PP documents aimed at children:

Stand and Deliver: Sex, Health and Young People in the 21st Century (click here to read the document).

Defining Adolescence

As most societies define adolescence and youth in terms of both age and life circumstances, there is no universal agreement on what is a ‘young person’. The national legal age for political participation and the availability of data on different age groups can also determine how societies define youth. The World Health Organization defines young people as those from 10 to 24 years of age, including adolescents (10–19 years) and youth (15–24 years). IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) uses the terms young people, youth and adolescents interchangeably to refer to people who are between 10 and 24 years. Defining all people under 18 years of age as a child is often not useful because it ignores the circumstances of youth who are faced with pressures and responsibilities that are usually reserved for adults. Policies and programmes for young people should focus not so much on age, but on the specific developmental needs and rights of individuals as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

This new document, Exclaim! does not specify a bottom age limit, though Stand and Deliver does. Perhaps Exclaim! is going all the way with no age restrictions at all.

Exclaim! is as diabolical a piece of evil as can be crafted. Planned Parenthood has declared an all-out World War on parental rights. If there were doubts before, there can be no doubt now as to their malevolent intent regarding our children. This is war!